Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising allows you to attract extremely relevant customers who are looking for the products that you sell. It is a more immediate way to gain exposure on the internet and, when done right, offers a superb return on investment. It’s particularly useful in the first months of launching a new website, as a website can take a while to climb up the rankings in search engines.

Creating a successful PPC campaign involves research and analysis.  We create adverts that cater to your customer needs and ensure they are reached through keywords that are relevant. We then analyse the results to see what works and what doesn’t to optimise the campaign as much as possible. Our Pay Per Click (PPC) Management services will help your business generate a return on your website investment much quicker as a result.


Many people are put off by the fact that statistically only roughly 1.08% of purchases made on e-commerce websites are made by users coming from social media. This might seem like a downside to using it however you also have to consider the fact that social media also brings a lot more of a customer base to your business. Whether they’re making purchases or not, they’re still clicking on your site and looking at the products generating more traffic which can push you forward in more ways than one.

Social media marketing is incredibly synergistic with other practices such as SEO or paid media, as a successful social media page can appear at the top of the results when people are searching for products or brands similar to yours. Many businesses have started using paid social media advertising as it has evolved in the past from low quality Facebook ads to much more interactive advertising.

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